DICCO-N Privacy policy

〇 Format of personal information collected

1. Personal information needs to be collected in order to use the (main) Decoan site. Personal information collected is as follows and is collected after user consent.

- Account information : name, profile image, e-mail address, SNS and web page address
- Log data: IP information, device and browser information, domain inquired, web page visited, service provider classification, usage records, bad usage records
- SNS Interlink Information: All information allowed by the linked SNS, such as user account information and friendship information provided by SNS (Support SNS can be changed according to operation).

〇 Method of collecting personal information

1. The user enters it himself or collects it in the course of use and also receives it from connected services such as SNS. It is also collected from the utilization statistics collection tool to improve service and identify user responses.
2. The purpose of this service is to ensure that users have access to more abundant events and services and to facilitate the use of this service. It is also used for the purpose of recovering or refunding paid service fees.

〇 Purpose of personal information collection and utilization

1. Personal information is collected for the smooth use of (main) Decoan sites. The detailed purpose of use is as follows:

- To prevent self-confirmation and irregularities
- To respond to service use statements
- To compile statistical data to understand the status of use
- To send gifts, such as campaign events
- To deliver important notices
- To deliver events and advertisements
- For transmission, delivery, and settlement of charges when using paid content
- To recommend new content

〇 Sharing and providing personal information
1. Personal information is not provided to third parties. However, if a third party needs to respond, such as a service or payment linked to the Decoan site, personal information may be communicated through consent. Personal information will be destroyed after service use is completed or customer response.

〇 Rights of users and legal representatives and methods of their exercise

1. For users and those under the age of 14 years old, legal representatives can inquire, modify, and delete their personal information.

〇 Items on the installation/operation and rejection of the automatic personal information collection device

1. Cookies can also be created and stored on your storage device for smooth service delivery. Cookies are used to identify user usage and to provide information optimized to users. You can check, save, and add cookies in the settings of the browser you use for cookie settings. If you refuse to save, you may experience difficulties logging in.

〇 Period of personal information retention and use

Personal information will be destroyed when it is held for a limited period of time for the purpose of use and when the purpose is However, if it is necessary to preserve it, such as the related statutes, for a certain period of time.

〇 Procedures and methods for destroying personal information

If printed on paper, shredded or incinerated; technically destroyed for electronic files.

〇 Personal information management officer

Name: Yoo Han-joon
Affiliate: dicco-n
Position: assistant manager
Contact: 070-8854-4991
e-mail: info@dicco-n.com

Announcement date of revision of personal information handling policy and effective date
1. Privacy policy can be changed to provide more convenient service.
2. If important changes are made, notify the users of the revision before the revision in a manner that is easy to understand

Announcement date: April 1, 2019.